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    Mingles With Jingles Episode 254
    Mingles with Jingles Episode 254 13 August 2018
    This week I've been cramming in as much of No Man's Sky as I can before the new World of Warcraft expansion once again destroys any actual productivity for ...
    Jurassic World Evolution - Romans
    Jurassic World Evolution - Romans 11 August 2018
    Any connection between these Biblical episode titles and the actual content of the episode are starting to become increasingly tenuous. Ah it'll be fine. No-one ...
    World Of Tanks - The Jingles Effect
    World of Tanks - The Jingles Effect 09 August 2018
    I have a certain effect on people. Doesn't seem to matter how good you are at a game, once I get within five feet of you, you're going to do something dumb.
    World Of Warships - Mistakes Were Made
    World of Warships - Mistakes Were Made 07 August 2018
    While it's traditional around here to point at laugh when people make errors that lead to their immediate demise, today we're going to be a little more analytical ...
    World Of Warships - Allo, Allo.
    World of Warships - Allo, Allo. 10 August 2018
    Allo, allo my leetle oven-ready chickens. It is I, Ze Mighty Jingles, listen very carefully, ah will say zis only once... Have I upset the French much yet? Because ...
    World Of Tanks - Australia!
    World of Tanks - Australia! 12 June 2018
    G'day, Bruce! Today's video features a fair dinkum Australian tank savaging the enemy and a gnome savaging the Australian accent. Luckily for the gnome, ...
    World Of Tanks - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly 56
    World of Tanks - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 56 01 August 2018
    It's been a while but it's back, and everyone still mostly sucks. WOT intro by: All music licensed from and ...
    Jurassic World Evolution - Kings
    Jurassic World Evolution - Kings 04 August 2018
    You're taking this whole biblical naming convention thing a bit far aren't you, Jingles? What relevance does "Kings" have? Oh ye of little faith. Patreon: ...
    World Of Warships - Shocking
    World of Warships - Shocking 31 July 2018
    In todays video we have a compilation of events too disgusting, too revolting, too downright shocking to be seen by the viewing public. Until now! All music ...
    Fractured Space - Catalyst
    Fractured Space - Catalyst 08 August 2018
    Another month, another new update for Fractured Space. This one's called Catalyst, which is a fancy way of saying "escort the payload and blow the crap out of ...

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