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    WWE Lita and Matt Hardy Backstage RAW 82905

    View 644477 | Durasi 1:46

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    Lita Edge Live Sx On WWE Raw Full Segment 720p HD

    View 2707616 | Durasi 10:
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    Trish Stratus and Lita Talk Wrestling and Life After WWE

    View 158252 | Durasi 6:3
    Mr. Hollywood Matt Demers talks to WWE Hall of Fame Divas Trish Stratus and Lita (Amy Dumas) at fan Expo Canada.
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    Edge and Lita Raw Wedding has a MONSTROUS ending Raw June 20 2005

    View 13404852 | Durasi 13:9
    WWE Rated R Superstar Edge and Lita's Wedding Ceremony during Raw 6/20/05.
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    Who Banged WWE Lita

    View 590143 | Durasi 1:24
    This is a rumor that has been going around for years. In many interviews Lita has said that she just went to Mexico and the wrestlers trained her for free.
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    Lita makes it personal with Matt Hardy

    View 1218763 | Durasi 9:2
    Lita ends her relationship with Matt Hardy by cheating on him with Edge. More WWE -
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    Lita Looking in on Lucha 1998

    View 97556 | Durasi 17
    After a match on the 7-4-98 episode of CMLL TV, they cut to the crowd in Arena Coliseo. The woman they showed enjoying the show was future WWF/WWE diva ...
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    Matt Hardy with the dirty WWE Lita exposing her body 16

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    ECW June 27th 2006 Kelly Kelly Strips

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    Lita On Why She Cheated On Matt Hardy

    View 446669 | Durasi 14:40
    Lita On Why She Was Unfaithful To Matt Hardy With Edge In 2005. Full Podcast Episode -
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